Friday, 4 April 2014

Jean-Claude Camors - Strates (France, 1987?)

It reminds me a lot of the last album of Noco Music, which is why I assigned the year 1987 to it, for there is no such temporal assignment on the actual record.  Camors of course was the C in LBC Trio and it was noted at that time his propensity for odd singing was a little annoying.  Equally so will this installment be for those who didn't appreciate it in the past, like myself.  It's because the "Baobab" album was so good that I thought I should seek this out, one of the last from this trio of musicians I hadn't heard yet.

Sample track, one of the few actually listenable, called "Un Siphon:"


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  2. I am dying trying to get this album. Any chance you could relink?

  3. new upload:

  4. I can give you one !.. Ir you want!

    1. Yes, I beg you please! Thanks for commenting! The LBC Trio is a masterpiece!