Sunday 9 November 2014

Big Island Hawai'i and Mofoya's Send a Message review and download from 1979

MoFoYa = 'More for You' and here we do get a lot indeed.  The cover is a drawing of the Big Island of Hawai'i  complete with two mountains, including what is usually billed as the tallest mountain in the world if you count its foundation below the sea, Mauna Kea (more than twice the height of Everest, apparently).  It's readily visible due to the astronomy edifices built on top, their silver shining like beacons on the snow cap you see when you lie on the beautiful hot beaches...  (And hence the track called "climb the highest peak" at the A3 position.)

First, from popsike:

"Obscure Prog Psych band from Kona, Hawaii. Lots of variety on here. There's great funky wah-wah, mellow prog with flute and female vocals, some trippy treated vocals, synths, loud guitars, soft ones, etc.  Here are 10 tracks of groovy pop-meets psych-meets flowerchild samba rock. 

Female vocalist GAILYVON's spacey Hippie stylings are backed by BILL MONTEI (guitars, synthesizers, strings, & backing vocals); TIM VALENTE (bass, flute); JOHN ALDEN (guitars, vocals); & RONNIE ATWATER on drums & percussion & backing vocals."

This was recorded in Kona, famous for its coffee, a small city on the west side of the island.  Of course I've spoken before about Hawai'i and its friendliness and great beauty, many times before.

Probably the most accessibly gorgeous song is track A4, called "Magic Sands".

Oh how I want to go back to those turquoise waters and white beaches backed with jungle-draped high cliffs intercepted by fresh waterfalls!

Track B2's Transition shows how loco progressive these locals could get when they were in the mood for it:

Now anybody want to go to Hawai'i with us for some ono grinds?  Maybe some spam sushi or a nice big plate lunch full of macaroni salad and kalua pork?  But good luck trying to find this record for sale there-- it took me three years to buy a copy finally on ebay...

And dig those Galaga type old school video game sounds at the very end of the record...

"Don't stray there-- tidepools--  you better watch out..." (B4)


  1. Ahh, I can almost picture the emerald-hued waters
    gently caressing the magic sands
    and feel the warm breezes upon my face...
    with mysterious tidepools and old school Galaga(!) -
    - you have my attention sir!
    I haven't yet got the taste for sushi (or spam haha)
    but I'd love to join you in beautiful Hawai'i
    for some ono grinds & a big plate lunch!!
    Please book my reservation bro :)

  2. Is it possible to share this gem now? I have accumulated tracks A2, A5 and B5 as well as what you have above. I would love to hear at least a couple more if you can!!!

  3. download by request, this is my new stereo rip btw, I decided to keep the record and not try to sell it off, too much sentimental value:

    mofoya stereo rip

  4. Julian, Link no longer works!
    Any chance of putting it up again please...:))