Tuesday, 18 November 2014

VA incl. Wolfgang Dauner, Association P.S., Volker Kriegel, etc. - Stop my Brain, from 1973 [no download sorry]

WOW what an amazing cover painting, again, which is the reason I wanted to feature this release...

Musically there is very little of interest here, Dauner plays an almost ridiculous version of John Lennon's inimitable "A Day in the Life" at least, John's part of that track, not Paul's middle passage, minus the psychedelics that would have made it a little bit more of interest.  Volker Kriegel is kind of phoning in his performance here with some lesser tracks that really don't do this majestically inventive guitarist any justice.  Same for Association P.C.'s Frau Theussien which appeared on one of the studio albums of course.  Dave Pike, George Duke, and Larry Coryell similarly.

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