Thursday, 6 November 2014

Eric Tocanne Questions d' Habitude...

Not a lot of information about this stunningly brilliant guitarist.  This record seems to be his only work, and it recalls to me the avant-garde jazz of Claude Barthélémy whom I featured before on this blog.  The latter made a number of similar records but his first, the one I reripped and posted, is definitely his magnum opus.

Here we get tons of tritones, dissonances, minor seconds, diminished chords, etc., etc., all the usual textual apparatus of progressive composition on a funky kind of beat that never lets up on the energy level like my children in their post-Hallowe'en zany mania of candy-driven delinquence & dereliction.  All instrumental.  In particular, the first track features some ascending guitar patterns on a swing walking bass that typify this release:


  1. Eric Tocanne

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  3. great post!
    many many thanks!!!

  4. Great Post! Love the soloing.
    Please, I also have a request. Joe Beck "Watch The Time". Have not heard this in 40 years.

  5. Here's Joe Beck:

    Plus, reup of Tony Hymas Aspects of Paragonne by request:

  6. thanks julian for this gem very tasty stuff