Monday, 24 November 2014

Runeson [Nils-Åke Runeson] from Sweden 1974 [lossless + mp3]

Another one of those lost rock albums that really deserves to be better known, particularly among those involved in perpetrating the same endless paroleless crimes of replaying Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles and myriad one-hit wonders on satellite radio ad nauseam,  I can guarantee that the songs written here are not in any way as a whole inferior to an album by for example Jackson Browne or David Bowie or any other famous artist from the seventies.

With a powerful hook you could hang an angular comet or cometlander off, the song "I'm not a poet (like Edgar Allen Poe)" is just absolute rock bliss, but notice in particular the use of the mellotron-flute in the second stanza:

Complete information here.

How, how is it possible this record is unknown everywhere else in the world but on these crappy little blogs like here?  Utter artistic injustice.


  1. Runeson



    new tortilla flat swf sessions upload by request here:

  2. Santa sez Ho Ho Ho
    Runeson we luv ya, deliver us from the vile clutches of
    yes, when the "classic rock" radio stations are nothing but daily repeats of the same Rolling Stones/Elton John/Billy Joel/Fleetwood Mac[Stevie Nicks]/Bad Company/John 'Cougar' Mellencamp/Pat Benatar/Aerosmith/The Eagles etc. drivel ad nauseam, one could lose one's fucking mind if subjected to it long enough...
    But Thank Goodness there are wonderful sanctuaries of creativity & beauty like Progressive Reviews, so thinking thoughtful people can still experience uplifting, stimulative environments and rediscover some GOOD music...
    Light the lamp and fire mellow
    Cabinessence timely hello
    Welcomes the time for a change...
    Here's a lil batch of cheer
    Gotta keep spirits High and cabins warm!
    1st off is a re-up from last year, highly recommended if nothing else than for the priceless Jon Pertwee tracks!!!
    (ripped from my 2000 RPM cd)
    ....... Who Is Doctor Who? .......
    then there's the 2nd album by 'M'
    (the mastermind behind the 'Pop Musik' song),
    1980's often slept on gem,
    (ripped from my 2002 Meldac cd w/ sweet bonus tracks),
    ....... The Official Secrets Act .......
    next is a personal super-favorite, The Mandrake Memorial's masterpiece from 1969 "Puzzle"
    (ripped from my unknown cd [all original lp artwork, only id anywhere is 'MM 02371'] I bought from a guy in the UK years ago-it does have some of the track lengths askew near the end, but the full album is there regardless-
    but mainly, it's NOT the Collectables cd which is the one most have heard, and it sounds completely awesome!!!)
    ....... Puzzle .......
    And last but not least, one the most impeccable, impossibly-inspired, deranged artifacts of the 1980's
    (appropriately from the end of the 80's),
    here is 1988's magnum opus! [cue the regal fanfare]
    Penn & Teller's (!)
    (with alot of help from their Shimmy Disc friends and more!)
    ~ "Bongos, Bass, & Bob"
    "- Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here's Bongos, Bass, & Bob
    (what on EARTH were they thinking)"
    (ripped from my supremely-unavailable 50 Skidillion Watts/LSR cd that has the bitchin' non LP track 'Jackson'!!)
    ***as Ringo said "Don't Pass Me By"***[you need this]
    ....... Bongos, Bass, & Bob .......

    Happy Holidays bro!

  3. Could i ask for the lossless please?

  4. Hi very cool,
    the lossless link is dead , could you re up it please ?
    Thank you