Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Chevalier with Renaudin and Eliard ‎in 1985's Un Pied Dans Le Vide [with lossless]

Very much the early 80s progressive fusion trio style that we have heard so many times before, this record is of great interest as it's the only one from him that doesn't seem to recycle the Zig Zag tracks he wrote in the seventies.  All new material, though leaving a little to be desired in terms of the interest factor at least for me, included is a small photocopied booklet with information on the artists and their performances, well worth dipping into as you listen to these angular sounds...  I found the track promisingly (prelistening) called "Concerto Grosso" perhaps the best entry here:

Notice poor Eliard's misspelling inside the hastily made booklet which, nonetheless, is an interesting memo from the times:

Perhaps inevitable, as the poor bassist.

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