Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Beafheartian Swedes Boojwah Kids in the early eighties

These guys are not for everyone, being the Swedish Capt Beefheart-- really, they are for those who loved the old Mutant Sounds blog.  But they certainly are progressive in the purest most possible or actual sense and their uncompromising dedication to unlistenable insanity is to be duly prized.  The discography on discogs is not complete, but can be seen on rym.  How amazing they lasted for 9 years as a band!

I love the song Fake Golden Palmtree as it's almost as if Radiohead were harking back to this in their huge alternative hit from 20 years ago, 'Fake Plastic Trees.'  [Not so unlikely, since only a decade separated the two.]


  1. All three of their releases here:

  2. new up by request of Jozef Skrzek and Tomasz Szukalski and their Ambitus Extended from Poland, 1981