Sunday, 18 October 2015

Ramon Tavernier [and Cătălin Tîrcolea] in the Panpipe In Jazz, 1979: quimsy gift...

Straightaway we will thank the munificent quimsy, familiar to us from long ago as a blogger, ripper, and cleaner of vinyls, blogs, and rips of the past.  An album that forever would have been unknown to me had it not been for him.

This completely threw me off my chair, partly as I was not expecting much from the Zamfirish title referring to the notoriously (absence) seizure-inducing pipes of pan, but what we actually have here on this 1979 outing on electrecord the (only) Romanian record label, is a beautifully composed slice of progressive jazz and fusion composed, arranged by Catalin, and of course soloed by Ramon.  A real beauty and surely you will be as surprised as I was.  Have a listen to one of the progressive tracks called Doină Și Joc:

Note that Catalin's subsequent 1981 album also featured the pipes of pan, that oddly haemorrhoid-causing instrument, in North America at least so notoriously inadequate, busker-fit, and joke-enticing.  But herein a lustrous delight.  It's a miracle this post happened at all this particular Sunday morning as my increasingly decrepit windows computer has been like a floridly psychotic schizophrenic with only brief lucid moments lasting seconds to a minute each day before it crashes again in which I frantically try to accomplish some or other ripping, blogging, or uploading activity, meanwhile attempting to back up the last remaining work before it gets thrown out into the void of utter insanity that is my computer's usual state of mind... ah, microsoft windows...


  1. again thanks to quimsy, and my computer, for staying rational long enough to reupload this:

  2. new up of dharma quintet mr robinson by request:


  3. Anything that has the Quimsy stamp of approval is good enough for me :)
    Thanks for posting both these recordings, Julian!