Monday, 23 November 2015

Claude Barthélémy returns by request with Moderne (1983) and Forest One (1981) with Real-Politik from 1986 [unrequested]

His first album was Jaune et Encore, presented in glorious lossless before.  In 1981 he came back with Forest One and two years later, Moderne.  Both are similar to the first, and at the same time, not quite as strong compositionally.  But with its very slight nod towards commerciality, I really love the later opus, check out the highly Robert Wyatt-like track called Late:

I am presuming it was Claude himself doing the honour of singing here (as he wrote the lyrics).  And look at what our friend apps had to say about this record on rateyourmusic:

For third time in a row Barthélémy invites a completely new core to help with the recordings of his third allbum ''Moderne'' (1983, Owl Records), captured in December '82: Bassist Jean Luc Ponthieux (also the boss of Owl Records), drummer Jacques Mahieux, saxophonist Jean-Marc Padovania and Gérard Buquet on trombone and tuba with guest appearances by Philippe Deschepper on guitar and Manuel Denizet, drummer on ''Jaune et encore ''. The interest of Barthélémy has turned over the years to a smooth and gentle Jazz Rock with a few quirky Fusion instrumentals thrown in for good measure. Still he insists on composing tight and consistent material instead of spending his time on long, directionless improvisations and ''Moderne'' shows his good skills both as a composer and guitarist. There a couple of pieces with a Blues background and vocals, rather out of time and place, sounding too soft for an otherwise technical album. This one ends up to be the most guitar-centered work of Barthélémy, you have the feeling that accompanying musicians get out of sight quite often to offer Barthélémy complete space for his guitar ideas. So it left me complaining about a more solid teamwork, but again the style is fairly intricate for an 1983 album.

Really, I've posted so many similar guitar-driven eighties fusion albums from France before, such as Jean-Luc Chevalier of course, Traitement Special, Oz Quartet, Philippe Caillat, Eric Tocanne, etc., etc.  They seemed to have had quite a predilection for this style.

Bonus, the distinctly more disappointing later album called Real-Politik recorded here in sidelong mono mp3 rip.


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  3. Barthelemy's debut was a quite strong one, I wonder how ''Forest one'' sounds, a great post really, thanks buddy!

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