Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Rene George Schenderling's Messengers of Autumn from 1981 [no download!]

Very beautiful private pressed prog album reminiscent of Pete and Royce or other slightly laid back Dutch albums such as Mirror, Marakesh, Saga with a strong Genesis influence.  I will post a couple of exemplar songs to give you an idea of the record, notable are the tracks B3 Jump with its minimal synth a la ping pong and the last track, B5, Imagine Another World.

Strong recommendation to seek it out, despite its rareness, and despite the drum machine that as we know is anathema to Tom...


  1. If someone maybe has it,
    please post it...

  2. Yes I second the humble request for some generous soul out there to please share this mysterious gem! I absolutely love unique electro-magic like this...Oh please Santa we need this early christmas wish!