Wednesday, 25 November 2015

US Jester, 1978, more US magnificence

Yet another in the long line of beautifully warm progressive rock albums from the back of the seventies which should have charted as mega-hits as far as I can opine, but clearly weren't-- who has even heard about this one?

Listen to the penultimate track fusion masterpiece, very similar to Luna Sea's but clearly better:

The first song brings out that glorious synthed hard-AOR US sound we are already so familiar with:

Can anybody get tired of that sound?  I never will.



    1. track a3 separately uploaded down below, missing from this

  2. Really like this, but there seems to be a problem with track A3. Can't edit it. The track length is incorrect for some reason.

  3. wow good checking there, here's the third track, you were right;
    and it's a good track too!

  4. Thanks Julian. Yeah, great track and album. Also in answer to your question "Can anybody get tired of that sound? I never will." I never will either! Matt.

  5. My goodness bro, you are a goldmine and this hits paydirt!
    Another completely unknown late-70s U.S. prog MONSTER!!
    WoWie ZoWie this is sooo good :)
    and no clue whatsoever that it existed...
    Straight out of the treasure room of the Vibration Of Life itself,
    like an exquisite love-child of Ethos and October,
    graced with the masterful access-ability of Cafe Jacques...
    this quickly goes right to the top shelf of my A-list!
    What a wonderful gift, Thank You heartily brother :)