Monday, 30 November 2015

Levallet Marais Pifarely return with Eowyn, from 1986

So later in the eighties they made a more commercially oriented album, if you can call complex chord changes, intricate violin patterns and quasi-atonal melodies played by a highly musically educated trio, commercial.

At any rate it's more accessible than the previous outing-- a welcome relief I would say.
It definitely recalls Confluence and the series of albums I posted related to their artists such as The Great Gousti.

A stunning track that recalls the great French violinists, like David Rose soloing in his best moments, A3's Siegfried, composed by Didier Levallet (bassist and 3/8th composer on this LP):

Pifarely contributed 1/8th and thus Marais is responsible for fully half.

Throughout this record I try to follow their minds as they play and I find it both exhilarating and exasperating trying to follow their complex calculus of sound-- like when I first learned about tensors (the higher order vectors), and their transformations...


  1. Eowyn:
    And for all you lossless lovers out there:

    And recall Instants Chavires:
    lossless lovers:

  2. Thanks a million for both LPs, and for the lossless option.I love Pifarely's work with Louis Sclavis.