Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Dale Jacobs Group Live at Puccini's in 197?

A stunningly original and well-written set of fusion, keyboards-based instrumental compositions by this unique Canadian talent.  

From the discogs bio:
Vancouver-based keyboardist, author and producer of film-scores, radio specials and live performance sound. Dale Jacobs is also a designer of electronic equiment, truly fascinated with the world of synthesizer.

Sadly, there are only two records from him from this period both of which will appear in these pages-- I am ignoring the unlikely to be listenable 1989 album.  
(Plus, as it turns out, one hard-to-find and mysteriously rare LP called "Tropical Show" from 1978-- it will be interesting to see if that ever surfaces.)

There is some argument as to what year this Live at Puccinis was released.  When you listen to it, I am myself a bit sceptical that it could have been created and recorded in 1971 considering how advanced the sounds are with a full complement of fusion's best tricks in the tracks.  Nonetheless the costumes of the artists on the cover clearly look early 70s.

One of my favourites languidly creates a long and wonderfully evocative phrase with the synths and is called "It's Only the Perfect Love," it seems a bit indebted to the old jazz standard "My one and only love," but of course goes light years beyond it:

And this god-given inspired performance closes out with one last look at summer, long a distant memory for us here in the frigid, snow-snafu'ed Northern hemisphere:


Sadly, Dale died of lung cancer in the year 2000 in California.  Requiescat in pace; another genius forgotten by his companions on earth...


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  2. strong provenance here -

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  4. Very nice...and I see Quimsy is out and about. Good to see you.

  5. I live in Vancouver and gig with Brian Harrison, the bass player, once in a while. I'll ask him when this was recorded.

    1. very cool! there's another issue, if you can find any information regarding their last release which we've been hunting for years without success "Tropical Show":
      thanks a million...

  6. 1976 anyways, cuz it has the CBC olympic theme on it and Canada (montreal) hosted the games that year. there's a copy for sale right now on ebay.