Saturday, 23 January 2016

More Czech fusion: Mezinárodní Sdružení Pro Novou Akustickou Hudbu: 1989's Ornament

Will it ever end?  The boundlessly inventive fusion compositions?  

Firstly, in the words of my friend:

"This is all I need to say:

Indeed, if you're not familiar with at least one of those names already you probably shouldn't be reading this...
"International association for new acoustic music," is the overlengthy name of the band btw.  Does it matter when the music is this good?  Consider the philosophical tone which chamber composition accords to their "Allegory:"

Obviously this is similar to all the Eastern fusion along the lines of M. Urbaniak, Impulse, the great Jazz Q (of whom Martin was a member), the Czech Naima I posted earlier, etc.  But it's incredibly interesting.  

Next consider the charming and bouncy track translated as "The Nerd" with its clear classical references:

Incidentally Martin Kratochvil did an April Orchestra, viz., number 32, which is just simply phenomenal in terms of its very advanced, occasionally atonal progressive compositions and energetic sound, along with compatriot Milan Svoboda.  (The latter was a member of another great outfit more in the big band style, the Pražský Big Band -- all albums recommended too!).  For those who need these I can up.  Easily available already, I believe, particularly on soviet groove sites -- god bless 'em.

Again many thanks to my friend for this little treasure.

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