Monday 18 January 2016

Kernbeisser's Brokdorfer Kantate from 1979 [Büdi Siebert]

From discogs:
Basically the same band as HerrGottSax, known for just the one album, a curious 1979 Polit-rock conceptual oddity which is largely the project of Büdi Siebert using lyrics by Peter Paul Zahl.

Album information can be found here.   First of all, Budi Siebert is responsible for some of the most beautiful advanced German fusion that can be heard with his two records Hmm in 1983 and HerrGottSax's Seibold Seiergesichts Sündige Saxofone from 1981.  These are strongly recommended to all progressive fans and I can upload them both if requested.  His discogs bio goes as follows:

Büdi Siebert is a German multi-instumentalist, composer and producer, he plays reeds, flutes, percussion, keyboards and guitar. He has been active since the early 1970s, was a producer for Eigelstein Musikproduktion, and from 1998 to 2003 he was teacher for film music at the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg.

This record, his first presumably, is quite an astonishing mixture of progressive classical pop and jazz compositions, mostly sung, unlike the instrumental tracks on the later material.  Lyrics are by Peter Paul Zahl, who made a progressive album of his own that is recommended-- kinda.  Not that many pleasant memories of that one for myself maybe, since it was, I think, political folk rock.

As a sample of the kind of sax-drenched chamber music we hear on this particular expedition have a listen to a representative track, definitely hinting at the superb compositions that would later appear on Hmm and HerrGottSax:

What I love the most about this record is that flows from beginning to end as a seamless whole, like an oratorio conceived all in one bout with the same feeling and tone throughout.  Really quite a masterpiece, so why so forgotten?



  2. Winter greetings my friend!
    A strange and beautiful find here, like a unique wildflower...
    or rather a small garden of wildflowers! A wintergarden!
    Because there is a lot going on in this lp,
    it definitely will require repeated listens.
    The mellow instrumentals are gorgeous,
    and it all does flow together,
    like a many fingered babbling brook...
    ...wish I knew German, oh well the music is universal and I love it!
    Thanks bro for another one-of-kind rarity,
    helps keep warm and inspired in the cold ole winter :)