Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Blue Box's Sweet Machine from Germany 1985

From discogs:

German experimental fusion trio, formed in 1985, with Peter Eisold and Aloys Kott from Contact Trio, along with Rainer Winterschladen. They had a lively modern ECM fusion type sound, fronted by trumpet.

All here should be familiar with the great Contact Trio which made three inimitable progressive jazz / fusion albums from 1975 to 1981: Double Face, New Marks, and Musik (the best & most perfected one, as far as I'm concerned).  Their long sought-after first released in 1972 and called simply Contact I sadly can guarantee is not worth hearing, being purely improvised free jazz, completely replaceable with any such album of the same tedious type.  Completely interchangeable and not worth a dollar, despite the high sums it commands on the 'free market'.  Don't ask your friends for a copy, unless you are in need of more enemies.

So, from this wonderful baseline and former group the rhythm section of bassist Kott and percussionist Eisold teamed with Winterschladen on trumpet for this new outfit.   The guitarist-- Brettchneider-- (who appeared earlier in Prosper, of Broken Door fame) went off to make many more albums with others.  Thus, Blue Box presents us with music without the customary chordal substrate of either guitar or keyboards.  You can be the judges of whether or not one or the other is missed.

They made four albums, of which I've heard the first two.  My favourite track is the substantially meditative Poem full of not so much loving kindness but perhaps the sufferings of the wheel of life:

You get the idea.



  2. Thank you Julian. Would you consider sharing the first Contact LP? I like free music and had no idea it even existed!


  3. Thanks Julian, I'll second the request for Contact!