Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Echettio: Tavolozza Musicale, 197?, Library, Recommended

Echettio was Ugo Fusco who made a few highly rare and collectible, presumably now expensive, library albums back in the day.  Thanks to my friend I was allowed to hear this little masterpiece of composition, mostly in the chamber music style.  Note that there is little information to be had here at all.  We shall let the music stand on its own, gorgeous and lofty as it is-- consider the first tracks, A and B parts to Melancholy:

It's ridiculous that music so good is lost to oblivion...  also ridiculous that I keep making the same statement in these pages...  I can't help it, each time someone shares with me an excellent album I'm shocked at how much better than popular music (whether rock, pop or standard classical) it is.



    thanks again to those who know more than me...

  2. wow looks amazing. never seen this one before. thank you.

  3. A lovely album, agreed. A sincere thanks for bringing this out of print LP to the attention of more fans. In fact, I recognize this as I first shared it on the Library Music Themes forum, a few versions back.

    1. Is it your rip? if it is, thanks a million because this album has provided me with endless enjoyment...

    2. I am pretty sure it is as I recognize a couple of items... and as it is long out of print, it deserves to be liberated for all to enjoy. Another gem from Lupus Records!

  4. Hi Julian,

    your statement, It's ridiculous that music so good is lost to oblivion...

    It's very telling, somehow there are many "fans" and collectors that think otherwise, that some music is for their enjoyment and a few more ... they hate music and musicians because when rarities are no shared music is lost and its creators hurt.

    Not many people like you willing to share without compromise.

    To those of you who hide music and keep it to yourselves wanting your trophies to become expensive ... sooner or later good souls will make them available.