Thursday, 4 August 2016

Gerardo Bátiz's Azul Con Leche (1986)

Delving so deeply into the eighties we can never expect miracles, and we don't receive those dispensations here to any significant degree indeed.  As far as I can tell the best track was a very Gismonti-like keyboard composition called Azucena:

--with the remainder of the tracks being quite generic mid-eighties latin (here, appropriately) fuzak...  no wonder they were missing from the online discography.  And the last record from almost 1990 will probably remain forever unheard...  At any rate, it's always important to be complete, as we saw with the missing Orexis - Georg Lawall records.



  2. thank´s Julian , love this !reminds me sounds of Caldera ..Maestro Batiz genio !