Monday, 1 August 2016

Tangle Edge: Radio Stroganoff, Cassette-Only from 1986 [no download]

Radio Stroganoff shows a remarkable progression from Improvised Drop Outs. This transformation would ultimately lead to the brilliant In Search of a New Dawn. In fact, many of these songs ended up on that album with different arrangements. There's a little less than 30 minutes of music here, considering that the last piece is a radio interview in Norwegian, which will obviously have limited appeal. But being the archivists Tangle Edge are, I'm sure they can find enough quality material to fill a full CD including this whole album. Just consider the void of released material from 1984-1988, save 1986. Or the time from 1998-2005.  Live in the Presence of Aphrodite is probably the most stripped down recording from the band... 
Priority: 2 (on the strength of Radio Stroganoff)

A very high number indeed, and upon closer listen, I tend to agree that the higher is the more appropriate here, though I would reduce it by an integer or two.  As always I find it absolutely shocking that musicians in this year-- recall we heard typical German fusion from GDR around the same period in the last few posts-- would craft something so uncommercial and uncompromising.

From the database we have their discography, as well as info on this release.  Probably most of you are already familiar with this so-called psych or space-rock band, I wasn't aware of them, mostly because I shy away from albums described in those terms, too often they turn out to be rambling messes of electric guitar wankery with nary an original thought to perk us out of a cannabinoid haze of useless notes, often introduced by a generic blues riff usually in E or A, battling a frenzy of masturbatory percussion.  So subsequently listening to their later works I did a get sense of exactly that, but not on this cassette, where the thoughts are quite clear, succinct, and well introduced and brought out.  The band's official site is to be found here.  Unfortunately the first track is all I can provide for you at this time with the delightful title of "Long Time Since I Saw An Egg: " 

I'm sorry that again the powers that be forbid us from freely disseminating such a great work but such is the game we pay to play here, the contacts who have rarities will often mandate exactly that and those people are to be nurtured in the private sphere.

At least, I think the remainder of their releases is easy to locate.  Please note this is not expensive, although it's quite likely it will be harder and harder to locate nowadays on ebay, and few people including myself have the set up to rip cassettes.   But it can be expected someone somewhere will deliver the goods eventually online...  especially with a higher demand brought on by positive reviews.


  1. 1986 - 1997 Can be downloaded here

    1. spunkie: thanks for the tip...time invested to dl so worth it.