Monday, 30 October 2017

A fabulous Swiss easy fusion rarity in Renato Anselmi's Know What I Mean? from 1981

From a Japanese record store, briefly:

European Rare Groove Recording Solo album by Renato Anselni, a Swiss Jazz pianist famous for his participation in Emphasis. Although this work can be heard with a clear sound of smooth jazz type overall, Hello Mr. Acuvis which feels good funky rhythm section to scat melody is also recorded! feat. Curt Treier, Peter Jacques, etc.

Notice the artist's name was misspelled by google translate... so when were you saying those robots will be replacing all of our jobs?  Emphasis, in turn, is over-enthusiastically described in discogs thusly:

"Emphasis" was a Swiss fusion project featuring Pierre Cavalli (guitar, bass), Renato Anselmi (piano, synthesizer), Fernando Vicencio (flute, sax), drummer Nick Liebman and Curt Treier on percussion. Their only selftitled album from 1974 saw two original releases on the Swiss Pick label and in the UK on Jaycee and is darn tough to find: 12 tracks in all offer masterfully played European Jazz Rock, a combination of electronic Fusion and latinesque conga percussion.

Actually, I thought it was hugely disappointing, save one or 2 tracks, like Gargantua, but anyways...

Moving on to Mr. Renato, this his second release after the hard to find To His Friends (from 1976) reminds me a lot, with the piano plus orchestral sounds, of the wonderful library composer Oscar Rocchi's Ladies I ripped and posted and have hugely enjoyed in the years since I bought it, which I guess makes sense, given the beauty and the sexuality of those wonderful females.
Or you could stick more to facts and say this album is similar to the earlier Emphasis work, but lighter and more libraryish.  A big difference from Rocchi is the lack of that typically Italian melancholy delicatesse.

Consider waking up Saturday Morning, in particular:

But it's clear the most amazing track has the Chris Hinze Bamboo-like magical female vocal opener, which is the aforementioned closer, B5's Hello, Mr. Acuvis:

Wow, right?  Nice stuff... should've been a hit in its time...
You can be sure we will be hearing more from this artist in the near future.

As well, it's so pleasant to have the privilege of a near mint record to listen to-- and to celebrate I'll give you guys a freshly ripped brand new lossless to enjoy.

Still looking for his first album To His Friends, from 1976, anyone have it please contact me so we can make a deal...  whether mp3 or lossless or vinyl, doesn't matter.


  1. mp3
    United Lossless Airlines lovers:

  2. Thanks Julian. This will be part of my soundtrack today smoking a roast out back. Super clean vinyl rip!