Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Some more worthy tracks from Godiego / Mickie Yoshiko from 1976-1978

In 1976, on the debut album (excluding the prior already posted Suicide Play with Genshu) this wonderful group helmed by Mickie made a wonderful pop song called "If you are passing by," as usual, should've been a hit back in that year, and may be it was, in Japan:

A nostalgia song which is remarkable in that it doesn't reference any children or people he is going back to visit, he just wants to ensure that his childhood creek is ecologically undamaged, in the state he left it in.  Needless to say this song touches me deeply as it reminds me of the local pond I've mentioned before where I used to play every day as a child, catching huge bullfrogs, turtles and fish and insects.  When I visited last year, it had a concrete barrier put up rendering it totally off limits and a huge warning: "Keep Out! Biologically protected zone!" to make sure no child could ever enjoy it again like I did...  Yeah I'm sorry Mickie, today, if you're passing by, those pussy willows are all quite gone from songs...

Altogether a beautifully composed ditty, and as I've said before, only in the mid-70s golden age of pop could you hear something so naively beautiful.  So the first album is basic pop, with even a Beatlesian sound, altogether too generic to be of much interest.  Side b is taken over by Suite Genesis, a stitched-together suite of actually separately composed songs, which, unfortunately, is also mostly generic, except the very first passage (have a listen to that, but don't get excited as the rest of the suite is a downward spiral).

Eat from the House OST presents to us some of that classic Ceccarelli-like funk-prog sound we heard from Mickie's 1975 instalment:

I could listen to tracks like that all day, and according to my wife, I do.

Then, in 1978, no one could not enjoy the opening to the mega-hit (in Japan) Monkey Magic:

Watching the opener on youtube is beyond entertaining, have a look for laughs, as you listen to the above (same) theme song.  Those who recall from their childhood the Kung Fu style ridiculously dubbed Japanese shows in particular will love this.  I didn't then and I still don't understand today why they had to make those comical faces during the fight scenes.


  1. This next file comprises 1976 Godiego, 1977 OST Hausu (House), 1978 OST Dead End (which had much less to offer of value), and the 'famous' OST Monkey Magic from 1978:

    If there's any demand I can post more from the guys. But you'll see some of their records really have nothing much of interest.

  2. As veils thin here in the heart of October Country, a spirit-wind raises some ole ghosts and spooks for a midnight jamboree!
    Really been enjoying all the treasures from Japan, from that awesome Lucifer to the many gems found on these Godiego Lps...
    Thank you for all the wonderful riches brother!
    ...Sweet Dreams Of Days Gone By - you don't find these beautiful old nostalgias Magic Painting and some of the strange ones off that OST - Eat Eat & Oriental Melon Man...dig! any vegetable! and the chances are good! that a vegetable will respond to you! ...the Great Pumpkin is responding!!
    its Ghostbuster time, and this ole specter is from 2011,
    but was left in limbo unfinished until Now!
    It's Aliiive!! in two parts!

    A Splendid Night Is Guaranteed For All ~ Part One

    1.A Night At The Library...Ghostbusters OST
    2.Introduction ~ October Country...Bob Jacobs
    3.Ballroom Organ...The Haunted Mansion OST
    4.Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!...The Beatles
    5.Graveyard Jamboree...?
    6.This Is Halloween...Nightmare Before Christmas OST
    7.Count Dracula...Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus
    8.The Night Of Halloween...The Ophelias
    9.Mad Monster Party...Mad Monster Party OST
    10.Grim, Grinning Ghosts...The Haunted Mansion OST
    11.Cantina Jam...Star Wars OST
    13.Magical Mystery Tour...The Beatles
    14.Alfred Hitchcock Presents...Alfred Hitchcock Presents
    15.Tale Of The Headless Horseman...Campus Kids w/ Freddie Froghammer
    16.8 1/4...Snakefinger
    17.Halloween Theme...Cartoon Cartoon's
    18.Hoodoo Bash...Have Moicy!
    19.Chemical Marriage...Mr. Bungle
    20.Zombie...Salmas Brothers
    21.Tiki Sun...Eddy Detroit
    22.Fog's Comin' Up...Doctor Who - The Horror Of Fang Rock
    23.Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)...Magma
    24.Haunted Guitar...The Three Suns

    A Splendid Night Is Guaranteed For All ~ Part Two

    1.Pumpkin...The American Breed
    2.Anything Can Happen On Halloween...Tim Curry
    3.Grim, Grinning Ghosts...Barenaked Ladies
    4.Blue Wrath...I Monster
    5.Tale Of The Headless Horseman...Legend Of Sleepy Hollow OST
    6.Keymaster On The Loose!...Ghostbusters
    7.No Club Lone Wolf...The Cramps
    8.Mad Witch...Dave Gardner
    9.Land Of The Dead...Voltaire
    10.The Monster Hop...Bert Convy
    11.Cha-Cha With The Zombies...The Upperclassmen
    12.Thriller...Michael Jackson
    13.Pink Elephants On Parade...Sun Ra & His Arkestra
    14.Unsolved Mysteries Theme...Unsolved Mysteries
    15.A Nightmare On My Street...DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    16.Halloween...Zombie Zombie
    17.Something Wicked...The Herbaliser
    18.Graveyard Poem...The Doors
    19.At The House Of The Clerkenwell Kid...(The Real) Tuesday Weld
    20.Phantom Surfer...The Tornadoes
    21.Day Of Wrath...Rite Of Exorcism
    22.Beware ~ Alfred Hitchcock Reprise...Rev. Tom Frost!
    23.Theme From Friday The 13th Pt. 3...Hot Ice

    Enjoy my friends!

  3. Julian, do you have this

    Tony Purrone, Jeff Fuller, Frank Bennett ‎– Expansion 1979

  4. sure here it is:

  5. While I'm at it do you have:
    Joe Fonda, Stephen McCraven, Tony Purrone ‎– Up From The Sky 1987