Sunday, 8 October 2017

Lux Orchester also Germany 1984

Too bad these guys only made one record.

It's from 1984 Germany, so for that nation, we can still expect some progressive sounds as we have shown time and again in these pages.  What this is though is a mix of fusion and big band, including some complex articulate and intellectual jazz passages, like the famous Herbert Joos from before, but with the big band arrangements, like Noctett.  Less of the fusion importation than Klaus Lenz.   Anyways you get the idea.  The smoothness of the biggy banding is apparent on the best track which is called Arie Semim:

Love how in the intro the cello, played bowed, introduces a counterpoint melody after the trumpet ditty as the band escalates an ascending chord progression to kick start the tune, as if it's being charged up to rev on out down the autobahn of musical dreams.  Brilliance.