Monday, 14 October 2019

Crossection, 1979

Wow, look at all that writing on the back.  I gotta admit usually that much blurbing is not a good sign in terms of the musical contents.  Nor is it...  a good sign...
A soul-funk album this time, along the lines of the very popular old post Cosmology.
The soft track called Annika is just so lovely:

For those who don't want too much wimp in their coffee here's the very black Don't Cross the Street:
(I meant black coffee, of course)

An important lesson for any American black man who sees police across said street.  Or, for that matter, any American black man minding their own business at home in their own apt eating ice cream and watching TV.

Information here.



  2. Julian, figured you have the live one thought you might need the other!

  3. havent checked your blog in a while and i just wanna say THANK YOU. its incredible for how long and how consistent you have been uploading these musical gems. thanks so much. i, and many others do very much appreciate that.