Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Point of Departure - Leaving, 1985

Talk about beautiful cover art!  I had to take a closer look at what that painting depicts.  And I think it's a highway leading to another planet but I'm not so sure.  If it is, let me take that road trip down, or rather up, please, and October Country will second me on that one.  Perhaps he'll be the one holding the cellphone camera up high as I drive that rocket-propelled car into the galactosphere.

Despite the spacey cover this is a mostly acoustic, new agey excursion into instrumental beauty, perhaps most lumpable in the Luther Lane / Innersections category of intellectual chamber jazz.
There is a bit of fuzak nonetheless, obviously given the late year, and some electronics and digitalese to wade through.  Use your hip waders in extra large for those.  And make sure they're waterproof, as there are some pretty simple chord changes that will chill you to the bone.  So make sure them waders are thermally insulated too, as your blood will freeze if you don't make use of that fast forward button there, whether it's virtual or a real clitoris-like button.

Saqqarah brings it all home for me baby:



    new upload of mladen franko lps

    upload of both magnificent Quasar (Aussie) albums

    new up of Kennlisch

  2. Thanks Julian, much appreciated!

  3. Further adventures of the intrepid crew of the Spaceship Prog Off!
    After a hazy week of jamming with the Intergalactic Touring Band,
    we find our heroes embarking on yet another expedition into the unknown:
    prompted by tales of unheard prog gems and a map we acquired from members of Klaatu, Prog Off blasts off in a hazy cloud of smoke!
    [At this point what the crew is seeing closely resembles the Point Of Departure Lp cover, coincidently....]
    "Ok Julian - stand up now!" says Doctor Who (Tom Baker's Doctor, of course)
    "Brilliant Julian, simply brilliant - I caught your raised-fist silhouette through the smoke ring Gandalf blew, with that fabulous Galactic High-Way stretching up into the greater UltraWorld - Ha! what an album cover this will make!!"
    Laughing, the crew of the stalwart Prog Off joyously begin their flight into the higher vibration Unknown, onward to new islands in space!
    "I dedicate this number to Brian Wilson!" says October Country,
    "To properly install good vibrations at the beginning of our greatest adventure!"
    Master Yoda raises one finger in approval and simultaneously winks at R2 & 3PO to fire up the slow-cruise boosters, so we don't pass anything by...
    we're going to raid the future
    we're going to stick up the past
    We'll hold today to ransom 'til our quartz clock stop until yesterday...

    'Once more to be set Free
    Timeless leagues reached at Last
    Free from bonds of the past
    I Return to my Freedom at Last'
    - Earthrise

    An honor to be on this trip with you bro,
    can't thank you enough :) :) :)