Friday, 18 October 2019

Inside Out - Projection, 1981

Yes another softer fusion album like Chateau Breakers and all the rest I've posted here before.  You all getting sick of the sameness?  Not, for sure, if you've ever spent some time on instagram.

In fact it's quite a bit like the previous post, Point of Departure's Leaving, but it's overall somewhat better.

The first track called Infrared again uses those synthy strings to give it outer space appeal, along with those mysterious chords stepping down gently, the whole adding up to a tight little 80s fusion composition:

Of course, it can't be as good as the other ones I've posted in years past.  Some of those were absolute masterpieces.  And if they were all masterpieces, I'd pretty much be spending my whole day with headphones on listening to neverending beautiful music... come to think of it, that's my wife says I do anyways every day... ok forget the whole masterpiece business...

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  2. Thank you Julian, again! Good thing you enjoy what you do for all our sakes!

  3. Veteran bassist Jeff Andrews is in the lineup.
    Thanks for sharing.