Wednesday 8 October 2014

German Trial in Art's 'Fairy-Tales:' flute and acoustic guitar perfection...

As you can see this is a duo, and they made a magically beautiful album full of inventive ideas, back in the day, 34 years ago now.  In honour of the spirit of the record I uploaded the story of Cinderella to give you a good taste of the whole:

The music recalls to me acoustic Toto Blanke or Argile's fabulous Nimdirsi album, at least without any piano or ethnic involvement, or maybe the acoustic songs Orexis and Georg Lawall did with flute and guitar.  Really beautiful stuff, and we should think of how much work these great talented musicians put into their little piece which was abandoned by everyone so long ago.


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  2. many thanks!
    great post..
    can you send it and lossless please?

  3. As usual, lossless available only for a limited time as it's direct from vinyl:

  4. ....was für eine Überraschung, nach über dreißig Jahren unsere Platte im Internet zu finden....
    ...danke für die schöne Kritik...
    Martin Schluchtmann (jetzt Buchinger)

  5. vielen Dank für die schöne Musik !