Monday 27 October 2014

Noel Sokoloff's Concerto da Camera

Now here's a record that has completely dropped off the face of the earth, though the music is heavenly...

I have a sweet spot for this kind of modern classical music though today, I find it disappointing without the rock or jazz backing that we have gotten so accustomed to.  Nonetheless there are countless, innumerable fans out there who will diligently attend those concerts at halls throughout he world to listen to this material, not a passing thought to music such as French Mosaic, German Iviron, the Hungarian Panta Rhei, that attempted to create something amalgamated with everything mankind had come up with...

Unfortunately recorded in mono, the music contains a great deal of beautiful thought and effort.  Why is google so incapable?

Here is the adagio section:

For those who don't like European classical, I will be back with lots more bona fide prog in the coming few weeks... in between Hallowe'en candy of course!

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