Friday 31 October 2014

Happy Hallowe'en (Again) ...

I have to apologize for again interrupting the blog due to the ceaselessly recurring problem of catering to another seemingly useless and unnecessary manufactured holiday, much like (not really in chronological order anymore) Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Boxing Day, Labour DayHallowe'en, Easter, oops, it looks like I might have already discussed the anthropological scatology of today, but perhaps, a year having gone by, no one remembers what was said, that's assuming of course the post was read at such time as was present versus past, which is doubtful in the extreme; at any rate, I shall continue as is my prerogative to do, though said prerogative does not flow into a right for complaint if readership predictably drops utterly abruptly: today in North America we are told to take our children for a healthy walk around the neighbourhood, post-twilight, where random strangers, for once not likely to be sexual molesters, will proceed to stuff candy and chocolate, hopefully some BBQ chips too, into a bag with which our human larvae will be equipped for the express purpose of gorging themselves thereafter with upwards of 9,000-20,000 calories (this total being dependent on the alacrity and stamina of said child for area coverage) of various combinations of sugar, fat, and salt, purposefully providing themselves with the means of hastening the inevitable onset of type II diabetes mellitus and hypertension, which are such scourges of the Western world, as opposed to starvation, vitamin deficiencies, diarrhea, and Ebola haemorrhagic fever, which are confined at present mostly to the developing countries of Africa, and meantime forcing upon them such oddities as outmoded pagan fears like sorcery and witches, goblins and ghosts, as if encouraging in the immature gullible those very superstitions with which we ourselves are so disgusted or perhaps transferring that nausea which should be associated with gastric overconsumption to artificial figures, scarecrows: completely invented apparati of nonexistence, fairy tales; then, focusing for a moment on the skills with which these haplessly naive kids (mine of course included) arrange to provide themselves with enough plain calories (I dare not say nutrition), to feed a Somalian child for a year in one two-hour period, at the convenience of people with whom I don't share even a hello in daily life, I become filled with stupefied wonder at the idea that our capitalist society has achieved such a condition of useless self-created and procrastinated tedium punctuated with over-satiation of artificial needs, combined with self-caused diseases such as lung cancer appearing in smokers, or arthritis in women with breast implants who proceed to sue the manufacturers of said flotation devices so they can get newer implants, as well as the flipping to virtue of the original sins which today are entirely encouraged for example lust with Britney Spears-like performers encouraging the oversexualization of prepubertal girls (who dress up as hookers today), gluttony in the aforementioned case, pride in the case of daytime TV hosts encouraging us to look only after ourselves, anger for all those seeking lawsuits for damages as a result of accidents they are themselves the cause of, etc., I have to reflect on how humanity hardly deserves the second chance which we are being encouraged to seek as an escape from the cumulative problems of resource depletion, climate change, habitat destruction, miscellaneous novel viruses such as MERS, and one is tempted, almost forced, to believe that a problem like the Ebola virus is simply the wrath of god applied to us collectively as a plague to finally diminish us in our stupidly arrogant minds and on the earth we have invaded like the metastatic ass cancer that is currently endangering the life of famed Toronto, Canada mayor Rob Ford, recently re-elected as councillor for a year by an idiotic populace despite a 50-50 chance of surviving a year.  And perhaps it might turn out that God himself has a sense of humour if we are all struck down with metastatic buttock cancer too, instead of Ebola, like the tasmanian devils (that big favourite of our childhood disney cartoons), who are being decimated and may well go extinct as a result of facial tumours caused by over-fighting....

Anybody want to split a twix bar with me?  My kid hates those.


    a big surprise for those who see this... you'll love it

  2. Mwahahahaha! Big Surprise is kinda close,
    more like a MONSTER Surprise!!
    Anything Can Happen On Halloween
    and boy oh boy did it this year!!!
    Thank! You! So! Much!
    It IS A Happy Halloween indeed :)