Friday 24 April 2015

Charles and Morgan - Homework (Germany, 1974)

Gift of a rip from a kind friend again, this is usually described as folky psych or acid rock, though to me it sounds simply like slightly bizarre straightforward folk rock, I know the term 'psych' is often applied to these sorts of albums without to me bearing any significant meaning if the whole word implied is "psychedelic".  Anyways, reviews are all over the map on this one, as you can see from rateyourmusic where the two luminaries disagree somewhat:

ashratom Aug 28 2010    2.00 stars  

The first part of the album is horrendous rural country blues and is unbearably bad. However, it switches gears into a freaky avant garde acoustic psych folk about 2/3's of the way through. Worth one listen, but stick with it. Very rare album, though it doesn't sound German at all. Honestly, it sounds like a couple of pot heads from Kentucky.

 levgan Jan 10 2009    3.50 stars  

Undoubtedly this could have been a highly touted item in the Acid Archives book, but alas, despite their americanized names and tunes, Charles & Morgan were a German duo and their sole album has been recorded somewhere in West Germany, rather than in Ohio or Michigan. As such, this is a nearly forgotten, but really cute little record, which is full of inoffensive rural singalong ditties and delightfully ends with an extended, almost acid-folk tour-de-force.

Between the two I think I agree with Tom's former, except the second side is a little less interesting than implied.  As you can see, member's names are Charles [Charly McLion] (guitar), Morgan [Dieter Kaspari] (vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica),  Here's an instrumental from that famous second side:

Given the description of side one as "horrendous"  I will be back tomorrow with a better record, promise...