Saturday 25 April 2015

Polish Crash Crashes back with Something Beautiful But Not Expensive, 1983

First of all, I hope everyone has already heard them wonderful 1976 first album with the absolutely magnificently gorgeous cover painting, a genius work of Eastern European vocal progressive fusion:

I saw this particular item (obviously) when referencing recently the Debreceni group and realized I didn't have it yet, just their first record.  Now given the late year we are always nervous about the leanings towards danceable fuzak with the slapped bass, fakish guitar sound, etc.  Now reach for the xanax because we have good reason to be nervous here.  Side one is the kind of eighties fusion that ruined the whole style for any kind of respectful listener or fan and probably is the main reason the word is anathema to the average music critic, even today.

Gotta love the title of "The Happy Sanitary Man" (B1) though:

However not to disappoint you completely, I will throw in a new rip of their first LP and guess what, there's more, here's a bonus cassette that I think everyone will really love, from the late seventies, and this is truly a classic:

Check out this poster!!  WOW!

Now check out a track from the 1977 cassette, a3. Nocna zabawa-- Notice how after building up momentum beautifully with sax quickies and bass thumping over a 16th note percussion in the stanza, the chorus smoothly transitions into an emotional unison melody with sax and bass, moving into minor second melancholy sounds, before returning to the 16 note pattern.  Now that's the kind of fusion I dig!!

And let me ask, in the few years between the above and the latest record at the top, how did art progress, and in what direction? Oh how far the mighty fell, especially in the 80s...


  1. crash 3 (this post) (this album)
    and crash 2 (the masterpiece record)
    crash 1 (the cassette)

  2. Thank´s , wonderful records .......!

  3. absolutely phenomenal. Music of my youth in Poland...harsh times however. Senna opowiesc Jana B is very well known here but Something B....not so much. My older brother saw them live in Krakow....lucky guy...I was 10 y old this time...pity...Great page! I am positively surprised - Adam