Friday 17 April 2015

Zthurehz, gift of a friend's new rip, from 1981

I have seen this album highly in demand and so I thought it might be nice for all to hear it-- a friend just recently bought the record and made a new rip.

Musically this album is all over the place, with hard rock, punky stuff, folk, ballads, the mandatory (for this period in time) reggae number, etc.  There is not so much progressive composition as would make me pleased, and were it not for the sought-after rarity of this recording I don't think I would be posting it here.  I suppose its overall classification would be symphonic rock, given the many keyboard sounds.

Here 's a ballad from side a, Far Away:

Of course there is one thing I will definitely not complain about and that is the whimsical, slightly humorous and beautifully painted cover art.  And who doesn't love frogs?


  1. zthu

  2. fantastic, you're the man!!! (and your friend of course)

  3. amazing thank u! much love from austria!

  4. thanks a lot, friend. have a great weekend

  5. thank you!!! lossless please?

  6. Un disco muy interesante. No lo tengo por rock sinfónico ni rock power. Esta banda sueca produjo un disco lleno de estilos melódicos y rítmicos dentro del rock progresivo, con sonidos Camel (‘’Grodorna fran Cora’’ y ‘’Spindelsvit’’); metal épico (‘’Grodorna från Cora’’); pop rock duro con reminiscencias punk ( ‘’I'm Rich’’ y ‘’(Doing the) Bofors Blues’’); ska jamaicano (‘’I träsket’’ ); sonido celta gales (‘’The Fear Is Gone’’); balada melódica edulcorada (‘’Far Away’’); y otras baladas (‘’Teliara’’, ‘’Spindelsvit’’ y ‘’Tanelorn’’), esta última canción fantástica, onírica, visión narrativa llena de intimismo y vitalidad semejante en muchos compases y sonidos instrumentales al progresivo rock andaluz español de Triana.
    La portada del disco me parece excepcional por su plasticidad y su evocación inapelable a las texturas del pintor renacentista alemán, Alberto Durero. Gracias por compartir este disco. Un saludo desde España.

  7. Obviously this was a popular post, which surprised me a great deal.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it Adelbert. Hi there Apps haven't seen you in a while!
    lossless to come, for limited time only though

  8. lossless link, lmited time only

    enjoy it

    1. Too sad I mised the lossless link.
      Is there a chance of re-uploading?
      Thanks, anyway!

    2. Looks like I managed to download it!
      You can delete my last comment.