Wednesday 13 January 2016

Home Grown Hawai'i III [1978]

It's not clear how much more of this Pacific propaganda music we all can take, but there are two more quick entries to have a listen to.  Though clearly well-intentioned, it might be that the employment of amateur or unknown musicians here detracts.

Track B3: Miles Lee and the Hawaiian Electric Band - Blue Pacific Nights give you an idea, bear in mind this is a mixed bag with folk, bluegrass, etc.:

Not the kind of souvenir the progfan would have liked from this wonderful bunch of islands.



    1. You may know this, but on the first song "A1 Keawe's Homestead Gang - Kaauhuhu Homestead", at 2:50. And thank you very much for ripping this album! I have the vinyl, but I have no way of putting it to mp3.