Friday 1 January 2016

Olomana from Hawai'i, Like a Seabird [1976], And so we are [1977]... Happy New Year!

These guys play a delicate but beautiful CSNY-like folk with dual acoustic guitars and lots of peaceful easy feelin'.  The addition of what I thought to be a mellotron in track A5, from the rarer second album, made me sit up in my chair, and laugh unintentionally out of sheer surprise:

Our prog-angel the Holy Mellotron turned out to be a string trio on scanning the lyrics sheet unfortunately.

And there are lots of treats on the first, gorgeously-covered Seabird album too to discover.

From discogs a brief bio:

The original Olomana was a duo consisting of Jerry Santos and Robert Beaumont [who wrote most, but not all, of the music here -Ed.]
Beaumont passed away in 1982. Presently Olomana consists of Jerry Santos, Haunani Apoliona, Wally Suenaga, and Willy Paikule.

Note there is a third record from 1980 which I will listen to someday.

Mahalo to these great Hawaiian artists!


  1. Olomana 1

    Olomana 2

  2. Happy 2016 my friend with peace and even better music!Cheers!

  3. Thank you for this amazing blog. I hope you keep it going this year (and every year) like you did the last. So many great discoveries from places I never would have been motivated enough to even think of exploring.

    Enjoy your 2016 & beyond.

  4. Light the Lamp and fire mellow
    Cabinessence timely hello,
    Welcomes the Time
    For a Change

    Thank you ever so much for all the exciting discoveries
    and enlightening gems you've shared with us!
    Wishing you well bro :)
    with peace, prosperity and
    many new musical treasures approaching!!