Friday 29 January 2016

More Ch. Brull Library: H. Thieme's Themes in Beat from 1973 [CBW 660]

I will return to the April Orchestras in a little bit, in the meantime, this just in.  A wonderful gift from my library collector friend which is sure to enchant all those fans out there of which I know there are many.

Information, a little sparse, can be found here.  Not a cheap LP as you can see (average 225 USD), making it quite costly an act of benefaction.


  1. Thanks again
    (lousy) lossy mp3
    lossless lovers:

  2. Thank you so much for your series of charming and original library music, which does not have anything in common with the clichéd type of anonymous utility music produced for brainless soap operas usually filed under "library music".

  3. Thanks for this can you post JAS The Awakening or Jackie
    King Skylight or Leo Jones Workshop Fire Engine?

    1. oops I have to check first what I am allowed to share ...

  4. Thanking your good self and your benefactor. Stunning record.