Wednesday 30 August 2017

Andrei Eshpai - Instrumental Pieces from 1987 and Не Вспоминай from 1986

From 1986, the outstanding and brilliant American big band vocal jazz stylings of Do not Remember:

It always shocked me how well the Russians copied US jazz and fusion.  This is a great example of how they could craft a song that could've become a hit in the United States-- back in the fifties of course.  By 1986, no one really cared much for this style, I believe.  I love the dialogue between the woman, who presumably is asking the man not to remember what happened, and the chorus. (If anyone could translate the lyrics I'd appreciate it greatly.)

Note that Gurbeloshvili's Prelude reappears here in the b1 position in both albums. I guess it was too great a composition not to recycle, repeatedly.  In fact, it's rewritten for acoustic guitar solo rather than sax for the ending of the 1987 album:

The first side of 1987 is mostly classical music and is of less interest here.


  1. 1986


    lossless lovers

    Yochko Seffer Mestari hopefully the right album you asked for:

    new up of Batiz Azul con leche by request

    1. Hi,
      nice but did you ever hear this:

      I would love to hear a better recorded Version of this.


    2. I haven't heard it, but it's great. If anyone can show me where to buy it I don't mind reripping it. But the cyrillic is a problem for searching for these LPs online, for ex I don't see it listed in discogs:

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    4. were you able to find that piece of music in that 2 CD anthology? I wasn't able to download anything due to blockages on that site, if you got it, please reup to zippyshare is possible?

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  2. Julian, your kindness and generosity leaves me speechless. Thank you, That is definately the one I've been searching for.