Sunday 27 August 2017

The MPS Variation series: 1977, 1979 and 1981

In 1977, the first side is entirely classical music, and boring material at that, while the second is jazz and at times makes you miss side one, which is quite an achievement.

However, A2's amazing Mangelsdorff with Kuhn is a great matchup:

There is an always unfortunate tendency for Joachim to unleash his inner Niagara Falls on those poor ivories, which is a bit dried up here.  At least he is willing to dialogue with Albert, and, very much unlike my wife, not drown him out with protestations, generalizations, and a significantly louder voice in pure decibel measurement.  Anyways here's the full information for this record.

My favourite piece from the 1981 edition is a really advanced but delightful easy listening orchestral composition that I could listen to all day in the elevator:

Which is the sole reason I wanted to look further into this series or rather franchise.  And such it will remain, for now.


  1. variation 77

    variation 79

    variation 81

  2. É uma pena que muito das suas postagem estão fora. Esta é uma série que gostaria de ter.