Saturday 5 August 2017

Nuevos Aires from Buenos Aires

Here is another stunning lost discovery recently unearthed to my total surprise from a friend in Brazil, who has added all the information to be found below.   Stylistically, this greatly resembles the recent Membrillar I posted, or perhaps Virgilio's Jamin from long ago.  A full discography of the band is present on their guitarist Fernando Egozcue's web page, where more recent music is available for purchase.  Oddly enough he has changed the wonderful cover of the first record there, the gorgeous 19th century woodcut style surrealistic original can be seen here.

From my friend:

Nuevos Aires were a fusion of Tango, Rock and Jazz:
Spanish language has lots more info:

The name of the first album [i.e. music from the city of new airs], that is the only album released in a cd edition [in fact it's even available for purchase on itunes] is from 1983 just before the Malvinas/Falklands war and the end of the dictatorship and the political persecutions.  Hence the "new airs," with a play of course on the Argentinian city of Buenos Aires.

The second album is the one here, and it's a ST.  First here are the tracks along with compositional credits and some notes:

Lado (side) A:

Viejos Aires (Egozcue) (the opposite of the group name old/new air, that's why its in capitals too, an allusion to the city of Buenos Aires)
Tema para Tortuga (MÈndez) (theme to Tortuga [island?])
Agua y Vino (Egozcue) (water and wine)
Primavera de un martes (MÈndez) (Spring [season] of a Tuesday or, perhaps, A Tuesday's Spring)
Los Mudos (Egozcue) (the mutes)

Lado B:

El sussurro de la luna (MÈndez) (the whisper of the moon)
Cupa (Egozcue)  (I don't know if it is the meaning of the name of the song Cupa, but the only Spanish explanation I've found was the top of a funerary monument)
Luna de luz de mercurio (Infancia) (MÈndez) (moon of a mercury light (childhood))
Fresco y dulce (Egozcue) (Fresh and Sweet)
Morder en el alma (MÈndez) (To bite in the Soul)

The Group is:
Claudio Mendez: piano and keyboards.
Andy Aegerter: drums and perc.
Fernando Egozcue: ac. and electric guitars
Pablo Sanchez: ac. and electric basses

Musicos invitados (guest musicians):
Daniel Binelli: bandoneón [The traditional Tango instrument, teamed with violin and piano, or at least an acoustic bass]. In certain groups the accordion (with keys) replaces the bandoneón and the piano.
Marcelo Moguilevsky: tenor sax
Cacho Tejera: congas

Producido por Litto Nebbia y Nuevos Aires
Grabado en estudio del Nuevo Mundo, enero de 1989 (recorded January 89)
Discos Melopea DMGN 002

Track one, the old aires:

Note the involvement of Litto Nebbia, who made a quintessential masterpiece of sung prog, but only one as far as I know, in his "seller of promises."

As I said, the first album is available on itunes for purchase, while the third, 1990 album, from this side of the world, we know nothing about it and I would love to get my hands on a copy to rip...
Please contact me if you want to sell a copy.


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  2. If anyone interested I can make a lossless copy of Musica De La Ciudad De Buenos Aires cd on my blog :)