Friday 11 May 2018

Back to JOCR with 1982's TOČR + JOČR ‎in Matiné Populární A Jazzové Hudby

For this 1982 outing, side one's TOCR is the dance orchestra and side 2's JOCR is the jazz orchestra, both from Czech radio.  Think about those times, when you could have a professional orchestra just devoted to radio broadcasts that everyone listened to together, so unlike social media or youtube's uber-idiotic viral videos.

Accordingly, we have mostly easy listening and/or simple (pre-1800) classical music on side one, including some pretty syrupy vocals-- think Tony Bennett or [choke] Harry Connick Jr..  Whether or not you like this depends on your tolerance for easy listening, good as it might be.  The JOCR group on the other hand tries to have it both ways, with composed classical music and fusion thrown into the mix, just as we like.  One quite interesting track is called Trubaci and it's by someone called Pavel Blatny:

In fact we are well acquainted with him from an album I posted earlier, which was fully composed by him, called Dialogy - Studie.


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  2. Love the Pavel Blatny track in particular Julian, thanks a lot.
    Sorry to ask, but any chance of re-upping the 1978 "Dialogy" album at the other link?


  3. new uploads of the earlier JOCR albums
    1976 album
    1978 album

  4. The zippyshare link seems to have expired. Would you be so kind to upload the album again?

  5. new upload of this album (1982):