Friday 4 May 2018

Greek Mariangela in 1975

Many of you might be already familiar with this super-cute album which I heard just recently, its claim to fame being partly or mostly that it was produced by Vangelis.  The singer is highly reminiscent of Olivia Newton-John, one of my old childhood favourites, especially in this insanely naive song:

Yes girl, it's time to be a woman now, because today you can post your abuser's name on MeToo, accuse him of assault, have trolls gang up on him online with death threats to him and his children, make him lose his job, perhaps go to jail then be labelled forevermore as a sex offender, unwelcome in any community-- how times have changed, can you imagine that just over 40 years ago you could take advantage of a presumably teenage virgin like her, no matter your age, and then dump her quicker than you pull on your right pant leg?  Of course we've changed, as I've said before, in a mostly positive direction, towards more rights for all people regardless of 'minority' status (or 'majority' in the case of the female gender), and it's remarkable how gradual and unnoticeable that change has been-- at least if your last name is not Trump or you're not Russian.  Will the change continue to be positive, as Steven Pinker in his recent book, suggests?  Personally, I think that depends entirely on whether you live in one of the lucky countries (of Europe or North America or parts of Asia) or if you live in a country like Somalia or Afghanistan, where things are definitely not getting better.

Which is why I love so much these hopelessly naive albums from the seventies...

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  1. not my rip unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately given the poor quality you will find