Wednesday 30 May 2018

More Jun and possibly the last to post here: Paris Story, with Takashi Sato in 1985

Old as I am, I miss so much the kind of true art featured on this cover that was such a wonderful added feature of records from back in the day.  Many times I've mentioned how due to the constraints of the small size of CD covers and the plastic jewel cases, so much less amenable to creativity today's album covers are-- they have to be. (Then again, you could also make the case that the sixties and seventies were a golden age of creativity like the renaissance.)  I love the kind of scratchy impressionism the artist used to depict the cafe scene, like a Matisse interpreted by a somewhat depressed graffiti artist (e.g. Basquiat).  (So I went searching through the paperwork and found the artist's name: Yuzo Saeki, an early 20th century fauvist artist.  Beautiful stuff.)

This album features an instrumental (duh-?) program of compositions by Takashi Sato, a singer songwriter, played with orchestral accompaniment by Jun.  To be honest, some wordless vocals by both human males and females here.  The second track is exemplary:

Btw note the presence of Roland Romanelli, shockingly I might add, as arranger in the credits. He is responsible for some really great French library material, mostly in the electronic keyboards dept., you might recall him on these pages from some April Orchestras, numbers 38 (brilliant, with Jannick Top), and 43 (a more generic and forgettable one, if I recall).  I believe he has added a French soundtrack-like dimension to this record, reflecting the title of the album, which really pushes it over the edge for me.  You'll notice that for example on a track called Mr Blues which sounds like it came from one of those French movies in which, you know, all the actresses take all their clothes off at least once before the end credits.  Sometimes several times, each time going further, until not even a beret is left on.

Enjoy it!  And let's give thanks for the genius of Jun, whose albums have been just a never-ending series of riches and delights.


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  2. Awesome, another Jun gem! Your excellent write up has me most intrigued, can't wait to give this a spin :) :) :)
    Thank you brother Jun from across time and space!
    Thank you brother Julian from beyond time and space!!

  3. Beautiful music, as I now expect when listening to Mr. Fukamachi which I discovered thanks to your great blog. Listening while at work, it is just perfect, relaxing and even inspiring (which would not be the case with your average "background music").

    Your comments and description are also very enjoyable, I agree that CD doesn't allow the same liberty and creativity for the covers as vinyls, which is a shame.

    Thank you very much Julian for sharing !

  4. By the way, I forgot to mention that I also enjoy the fact that Mr. Fukamachi has made some quite distinct kinds of work, which is always great for us listeners ! (my 2 cents...)

  5. I agree, one of the best qualities of his composition

  6. I japanese music, Youre filling the holes in my collection.
    Can you reupload this amazing lp?