Thursday, 12 May 2022

Doonesbury's Jimmy Thudpucker etc.


I guess if you're old you know what Doonesbury is.  I mean I hated that comic strip when I was a kid and I especially hated people who thought it was hilarious because they represented that special variety of young snob that today you'd refer to as the hipster.  Or maybe that term is also of the past.  And I'd really love to never find out who the hell Jimmy Thudpucker is.

I thought perhaps this would be interesting as an exemplar of 70s songwriting along the lines of the later James Walsh stuff, which is incredible, but in fact it has just a ton of cliches in it, ranging from the bluesy southern stuff like Doobie Bros. to the cooler art rock styles of for ex. Steely Dan. Info here, much like the Hudson Bros LPs.  Especially irritating to me is the reference to "West Indian Rhythm Section" given the extreme white conservative racist attitude of the comic and the reference to Greatest Hits which is supposed to be, of course, a witty joke, but it fails totally in comparison to the School Band's similarly named album (Our Best Songs).

Ginny's Song, the one highlighted on the cover sticker:

The album closes out with a song that I'm sure the composer thought was a masterpiece like Jimmy Webb's McArthur Park, orchestrated and with a bridging progressive instrumental section including violin solo. For sure, it's worth getting this album (for free) just to be blown away like a mild spring breeze by that last track:

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