Friday 15 September 2023

Back to Brian Brown with the lost Winged Messenger [lossless temp link]

Posted so much from him in the past, as you may see if you were to follow that label there at the bottom.
In the end the one I loved the most was Wildflowers. Those tracks were so beautifully crafted and original with so much thought and expressiveness.

This one is more free jazz, but still well worth hearing once. Maybe more often than that. This one came out in the late year of 1987.  The title track, with lovely quasi-crystalline vocals from Judy Jacques, for ex.:



  2. lossless temp link

  3. Great stuff! Actually I would not call that Free Jazz, that's rather contemporary Jazz or whatever. It sounds like a bunch of Free Jazzer came to reason and started again with a straight rhythm - at least sometimes :-) It is a very tame form of Free Jazz - just down my alley. Thanks!