Saturday 2 September 2023

Claudio Guimaraes in Meu Irmão Toca Na Sinfônica (BRA 1981)

Information here sparse as it is.

Again, an absolutely stunning progressive fusion find, the kind I salivate over any day of the week but that rarely pops up anymore these latter days of unearthing obscurities endlessly.

 The track Brooklyn Heights begins relatively inauspiciously with a bouncy Latin rhythm but progressed quite astonishingly in its length through more composed, intricate passages, similar to the great Carlos Franzetti (Prime Element's Alborada) who I still love and adore for his mastery in combining fusion with orchestral composed classical music:

It's astounding what the human mind can generate with creativity and thought in the lengths and breadths of musical or other artistic beauty...

And you can look forward, believe it or not, to more tracks on this lost LP, that are similarly amazing!



  2. Thanks Julian, nice stuff. "Brooklyn Heights", in particular, reminds me of Bobby Vince Paunetto's progressive latin albums from the early 70s.