Monday 18 September 2023

Solar Plexus #5 from 1981, limited time only


Recorded in 1981! on CD.

The CD "Solar Plexus #5" was recorded in 1981, and has now been mastered and released to an unsuspecting public!

SOLAR PLEXUS #5 is dedicated to our listeners and to those musicians who appeared in all the Solar Plexus groups.


It’s May 1981. Six musicians, the current crop of players in the San Francisco Bay Area jazz fusion group SOLAR PLEXUS, gather in the Los Altos living room of bassist Jon Ward. During a 3 day period, the band records its last project. No overdubs. No digital recording. Only an Ampex ¼” tape machine in 2-track stereo (4-track tape, 2-track stereo in each direction). Most of the material is done in one take. Only a few tunes are two takes. The project is rejected by Inner City Records, the band’s label and promoter of its 3rd “album” (SOLAR PLEXUS) and 4th “album” (EARTH SONGS). A month later Inner City is Chapter 11. A year later Solar Plexus disbands, its members going on to other music projects and teaching careers.

An astounding progressive fusion album that I am so very thankful to friends for bringing to my attention. It's just never ending, interesting, advanced and creative fusionary instrumental sounds that you will, guaranteed, love-- if you love fusion. Obviously, they made 5 albums, but this is by far the best of them, quite surprisingly, not following the natural trend of things which would make you suspect exactly the reverse.

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  1. limited time posting

  2. I've heard all their other albums and was very surprised to find this here today! Thank you, Sir!!!

  3. This is great, thanks for sharing. I'm guessing this is the Solar Plexus associated with Randy Masters and not the Swedish jazz/fusion group of the same name - always getting those two confused. All I know is that someone needs to reissue the "Voices" album by Randy Masters / Solar Plexus with The University Of California Santa Cruz Chamber Singers! I've got it on vinyl from way back but think it might have been a reissue even then, vinyl itself seems pretty thin. Would love to have a good quality version of the amazing track "Torremolinos" from that one.

  4. ooohhh sounds good! Any chance of a re-up on this one Julian ?