Friday, 28 February 2014

1974 and The New One from Tequila-- the Danish band, that is.

from rateyourmusic:

"Danish band Tequila (not to be confused with various other ensembles with the same name) arose on the ashes of the excellent quirky Danish jazz-rock band Dr. Dopo Jam. Featuring nobody other than DDJ's mastermind Kristian Pommer, Tequila played in a more streamlined funky fusion style, with even a slight latin touch, not that uncommon for mid-1970s Denmark (think Buki Yamaz and the likes). Still, Pommer's trademark eccentricity did shine through, so be prepared for some creepy voiceovers, sudden tempo shifts and unexpected zany interludes in the purest Zappa tradition. While not on the same level as DDJ's first two records (really, what else can even come close to that?), this is a fine album that sadly remains pretty much unknown."

I hope I'm not the only one who finds it downright odd that the Danish would have a predilection for mexican music and influences, as you can see from track 8: "Walther Jensen's Jalisco Chicken" in which they discuss Mexican chili and various recipe ingredients of the aforementioned unfortunate avian.  When I first heard this I swore it must be a US band, except for the accents or rather lack thereof on the part of the singers, but when I looked at the back scan my friend sent I realized these chicks are no American girls-- no-- instantly one detects that special European femaleness from the photograph that we know and love.  And, as with my comments about the North Illinois Jazz Ensemble and their female singer, one would expect-- nay, require-- that the female vocalists had sex with every male member of the band (except the unfortunate loser in the tuxedo shirt maybe), well probably each other too, and then all of them simultaneously, would be another strong bet I would be willing to make-- I mean, this was the early seventies, guys, c'mon...  Does anybody remember the old Euro-film, "I am curious (yellow)?"  Notorious as one of the first movies in which the starlet spent almost the whole movie naked in her now-shockingly hairy glory, it was banned as pornography in the US but released in several different colors in Europa, hence the odd title ...

I feature this album because I think it's really good and hugely enjoyable, as the above quote said, if you're not expecting too much complexity-- it has here and there Zappa influences, Cos-like female playfulness, and some really strong fusion tracks (esp. track 12, Mocca Java).  They did another record before this one that is distinctly inferior, being ordinary folk-country-rock.

But Track 8, Jalisco Chicken is an immortal song.  Check it out:

"Now he's a heavy man,
playing in a jazzy band--
The man is a born jazz trooper
Jalisco chicken tastes super--
Make it as strong as you like --
it keeps you up shitting all night--
and with Tequila it's a really good fix
makes it like a gastronomical bliss
and remember what the fella tells ya
you gotta have some soul to help ya!"

After which time the synthesizer-- amazingly-- attempts to make the sound of ... you know what ...

For something a little bit less spicy if the former gave you indigestion consider track 11, This Bossa Nova, Another Day - Another Tune:

One last remark, regarding Dr. Dopojam.  For me and I know for many others, this band is hugely overrated, despite what the above reviewer seems to indicate, their first 2 albums are difficult for me to enjoy as a diehard progressive rock fan, having too much silliness and ordinary music in them. But they did make a progressive masterpiece finally-- in 1981.  The album "Midnight Cruisin'" really has it all-- impressive progressive moves, symphonic tracks, hard-ass fusion, etc.  The track "Mists Sits" for me has always been an absolute exemplar of ne plus ultra progressiveness, strange chords, instruments, original composition, etc. etc.  Real masterpiece there and strongly recommended.

Now please enjoy one order of Jalisco chicken!!!


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    Lossless (only for one week, sorry, no reupload)

  3. I just recently found your wonderful blog, I want to send a thank you for posting all of these wonderful OOP jems. I could never afford to be a buyer of these treasure on vinyl. The mention of Buki Yamaz makes me really want to give this a spin. On that note, ( second minor pun intended) I have only Buki yamaz - segundo, Are the other releases as good? I sought it out as I am a Palle Mikkelborg fan and saw some of the other players. Again...thank you so much! Mahalo from the pacific...Kinebee

  4. Wow, thanks for kind comments. I don't know how much longer I can afford to buy these, but I'll try as long as I can. I think I have a few Buki Yamaz, they are all quite good, for latin-styled fusion. If you're from Hawai'i I would like to ask if you know of this release: Mofoya - Send a Message, from the Big Island apparently, very very hard to find anywhere.

  5. Mofoyo!!

    Hi Julian

    Ha Ha....Sorry, I have not however I will look at the 2nd hand store and garage sales!

    yep. I am in Hawaii....but all the way as far as possible from the big island. (Kauai).

    it can be tough to get good music...well good ECM or that kind of stuff. There is good music, it's just different.

    If I send a reply w/ my e-mail will you kindly just read it and not publish.

    I do have a lot to share. Also I am always looking for Mikkelborg..

  6. Hi Julian! Would be great if you can reupp both Tequilas MP3 versions! Thank you in advance, Lisa ;)


    This is the second album, the new one. I am not 'permitted' to share the first one, which is simple country type music. I love your blog, but please give credit for material I've ripped from vinyl and uploaded here if you can remember to, thanks! ;-)

  8. Thank you Julian! Sure) Sometimes it's difficult to catch which albums come from)) Please let me know which of your rips used at Ezhevika & I'll be pleased to write all the credits)))

  9. There is only one or two, don't worry about it. I understand because these albums get transferred around a lot, and your source is undoubtedly someone in the middle somewhere. I don't mind sending you privately the other tequila album for posting on your blog, as long as you put in a good word on my blog, which is not nearly as popular as yours, and btw, I'm really happy to see it is going strong after so many years, 8 years or so?! I remember getting many gems back in the day from your blog.

  10. Sorry, what I meant was, if you mention my blog on your blog, as something worth checking out...

  11. No probs))) Check new post at Ezhevika))

  12. I think you have the wrong idea about their 1st lp. It may be slightly inferior to their 2nd but it is in the same style overall, latin funk, not "ordinary folk-country-rock"!

  13. You're quite right, I listened to it again, and it's similar to the second one in style. It's just not as good though! ;-) I think I focused too much on one or two tracks that are countryish.

  14. Hi Julian.I absolutely love this Tequila album,and also find the 2 first Dr. Dopo Jam albums over rated.Trying to be Zappa but failing.Is it possible for you ,please,to post Cruisin' at midnight.Would love to hear that one if possible.Thanks very much.Mike