Monday, 24 February 2014

Oktagon's Orientation in 1982

In the case of this album I wanted to mention the artist, who is Herbert Nauderer.  I've always loved this kind of science fiction art since childhood, fantasy art as it's called.  It is very much inspired by the old surrealists like Max Ernst but the cold and stark symbolism inspired by modern machines is so much more poetically beautiful and sophisticated.

This is a relatively smooth fusion band with a great deal of inventive, progressive composition, that of course did two albums.  Their first ST album is very good.  They later evolved into the band Zara-thustra.  Maybe you could compare it with Dauner's United Jazz and Rock Ensemble with the slight big band tendencies, or the prognotfrog discovery Noctett, or perhaps Senora and Looser's Game in smoothness.

Please observe that on this rip tracks 5 and 6 could not be separated.


  1. many thx for this - I'm needing a p/w for the wav file tho

  2. thx for this one, very good..... can you post the 1st album, please ????
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  3. Sure, when I get some time I will do it, just a couple to do first

  4. oktagon orientation
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  6. Oktagon ST 1980, not my rip, unfortunately in mono, to be reripped:

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