Saturday, 22 February 2014

Carita Holmström's Second album which translates as Toinen Levy (1974)

I am not sure to what degree the previous installment from this artist was enjoyed as there were relatively few comments in proportion to downloads-- in a ratio of perhaps one to a hundred-- which I understand is the norm for blogs from reading other laments elsewhere, but I thought it worthwhile to post her second which is instead sung in Finnish thereby concealing the meanings from myself personally, but it's equally remarkable and deeply beautiful.  There are quite a few 'missing' albums in her discography, that is, not appearing in such databases as discogs or rateyourmusic, and now the search is on to find some more of those possibly lost sunken treasures…

I will post as sample the track which stood out the most to me, which is A5.  My friend ripped his personal record for us all and for the community at large, if not for posterity, thereby making it available for everyone free and I thank him most profusely.  (A different collector here is involved than the previous post's Thomas Clausen connection though equally valuable and beloved).

A5 Katseita On Täynnä Avaruus:

Space full of glances--
strange innocence shines from them
--expressions of wondering
--frightened faces
How did it happen?

Eyes large, consider the heavens--
hopes, believes of new wonders
--lost, looking for
for itself.

When the fear is guarding the world--
not spells, people will be able to help.
The powers of heaven are silent
now our world is alone with its
--it's our fault.

Pure poetry this time.  It's unfortunate she reverted to her mother tongue but I understand the beauty of the lyrics was correspondingly enhanced vis-a-vis the English lyrics employed on the first album.


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  2. To be exact, Carita's mothertung is Swedish, but the lyrics of this album is in Finnish, partly 'cause most of the lyrics are by legendary Finnish poet and songwriter Juice Leskinen (R.I.P.)

  3. Oh gosh, I didn't realize that, thanks for info

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  5. Very much appreciated Julian. Thank you for all your postings. You enrich my journey through this world.

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