Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Concept from France, 1986

This is their second album, the first was called "Avis de Passage" and will be up shortly or rather mediumly.  Overall it reminds me a lot of Phileas Fogg.  Or, in some instances, the post-Edition Speciale Lorenzini-Ballester work Orchestra II.

I love this crazy, slightly zeuhl-inflected style of early eighties french fusion full of dynamism and oddities.  Progressive fusion lasted quite a bit into the eighties in France and of course Eastern Europe.  I didn't feel the above low rating (admittedly, only by a couple of listeners) was fair so I thought I would let others hear.

Two shorter but more representative progressively-written tracks:

3. Park Slope:

5. Intro Finale:


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  2. julian thank you for this i loved the fogg so im dying to hear this thanks always for your great post always look foward to your great posts rod

    a new link for concept 2