Saturday, 15 February 2014

And now Concept's first: Avis de Passage, from 1981

A stooped man with a suitcase wanders along the sands in the centre of the Sahara desert or by the lumbering ocean... is he lost in Algeria, and why is he still wearing his suit or overcoat and long hair in the heat?

This album is altogether tighter, more progressive, more instrumental, more serious as it were than the subsequent commercially oriented and eighties-leaning poppier album that came a few years later, recalling in some instances the great French guitarist Claude Barthélémy, all of whose works from "Jaune et Encore" on, are recommended.

A good representative track is the first called "Shipwreck:"

Notice the track called "Green March" starts relatively prosaically with the typical simplistic tonic-minor second chord change (that I hate so much) but half way through it transforms completely into a dreamy acoustic piano improvisation in the key of B minor, which 'explains' the preceding chords of F sharp and G that is, showing the true tonic to be B minor:


    Incidentally I just noticed the track " What the hell am I doing here ? " features a baby crying in the background-- a hilarious existential statement about the meaning of life, or birth, I take it!

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