Saturday, 20 February 2016

Alan Feanch & Sylvano Santorio in Flash Resonance: Charlotte`s Adventures (1976)

A quite hypnotically beautiful cover painting showing a short-haired young woman running towards us, complementing the kind of music that, honestly, only the seventies could have created.

The atmosphere is mysterious, melancholy, dark, a throbbing repeated deep bass sometimes plays under bass-played melodies.  The sad tone is appreciable in "Romantic Charlotte:"

Or listen to the synthesizer waves in her "Atlantic Adventure" which recalls such French masterpieces as Michel Moulinié's Chrysalide: 

Composition and musicianship are done to perfection.  I would love to know who is the guitarist as his playing is absolutely heavenly (an acoustic solo finishes off the record)-- none of the requisite information on discogs.  There couldn't be any complaints for this one, except perhaps for the fact Charlotte gets married towards the end of the second side. We are of course then subjected to a wedding march-- a sound which, I think to most of us men, is unfairly traumatic to hear more than once a lifetime, though it does happen to some from time to time...

I suppose I should add that most of the Flash Resonance albums are worth hearing. But by no means all, there are some trashy ones, musically.  The ones done by Chevallier are particularly gorgeous, the Space Resonances I mentioned before, and Atmospheres and Light Breeze (already available, if someone needs I can reup).  And, obviously, Feanch also had a solid track record (so to speak!) for beautiful music.  At some point it would be wonderful if someone could let us know which items are missing from his discography but might be worth checking out.


  1. A treat for all you lossless lovers out there:

  2. Thank you Julian, this is my favourite library label - just so, a couple of duds but on the whole a great series, I just wish they could get a CD release.
    May I ask if it would be possible for any lossless re-ups in your possession.
    Many thanks, Dee

  3. Hey there bro, been loving all the library...yep ya gotta wade thru lots of mediocrity, but the hidden gems that lie waiting are worth it...and library records are like forgotten magic breadcrumbs that lead one to further hidden treasures...yes the Flash Resonance lps are among the finer treasure-maps, some of my faves...Thanks for this one, didn't have it :)
    would love a reup of Space Resonances :)
    I have all the Flash lps except for
    Ted Atking - News Flash 2
    Cecil Wary - Incidence
    Alan Feanch & Ted Atking - World Explorers
    Alan Feanch & Sylvano Santorio - Charlotte Detective
    Pierre Porte - Nostalgic 1
    would love to hear any of these or can reup any I have if needed...
    and you mentioned a few others that have my interest:
    Alan Hawkshaw - Road Forward
    Serge Bulot - Sanctuaire D'ecole
    Michel Mouline - Chrysalide
    somehow I've missed these but would love to be acquainted, if possible :)
    Thanks so much my friend
    ...dreams of an early Spring
    smoother days ahead!

    1. oh boy! you're gonna put me to work this sunday... I'll pull them all out, they're all worth hearing, guaranteed

  4. Thank you for this! The Atmospheres and Light Breeze sound interesting, and I for one would much appreciate a re-up. Thanks for all you post (Still digesting the April Orchestra, but it's terrific).

  5. I was instantly lifted to another world by "Romantic Charlotte". Ethereal, nostalgic, melancholy beauty... This should've been a soundtrack hit rather than something from an obscure library record... I'd be searching for this kind of music all the time if I knew how... it's a vibe from my 70's childhood, but offhand I can only imagine parts of Vangelis' classic "L'Apocalypse Des Animaux" album on one hand and Francis Lai's "Bilitis" on the other as representatives of anything similar...
    Thank you Julian. I'd DL this right away but am having some RAM problems, so I may request a reup anywhere within a week if this disappears... Also, I'll be inspired to check your other recent "library" (and other) track choices closer too...

    1. wow, that bilitis brings back memories!

    2. Nice! The funny thing is, even the examples I mentioned I only (knowingly) heard as an adult in the 90's/00's.

    3. It's good that people are remembering this music so many years later, I truly hope it stands the test of time, and that we are not just the last ones to remember something that will fade away in the future

  6. Thank you so much. This is a great one and the copy I had was not the best - so much looking forward to hearing the lossless! :)

    1. and thank god the record was really in nm condition!

  7. This music reminds me of 70's italian tv movies soundtracks like Ho incontrato un'ombra (Berto Pisano)and Ritratto di donna velata (Riz Ortolani)